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Pretend City- A trip to the local farmer’s market, appointment at the veterinarian clinic, or dropping off mail at the post office, allows children to engage in various real-world roles.

Art Studio- Discover the world of art as children use a wide variety of materials

and art tools to create their own masterpieces.

Stage- An interactive stage complete with props, costumes, and puppets where children and their parents explore the art of music and theatre.


Construction Zone- With a large variety of safe building material, children select, move, and build unique enclosures and structures.

Science Lab- Learning by experimentation takes place here. Explore the wonders of loose parts, nature and chemical reactions.

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Tot Spot- An inviting, safe, play-based environment designed to encourage

infants and toddlers to be active explorers.

Outdoors - Run in a tunnel, ride trikes, dig in sand and build mud pies in our safe outdoor space.

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