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Have your class field trip at Playzeum!


For Grade Level: Pre-K to 4th Grade

Cost: $200

Length: 2 hours, $50 for each additional hour

Group Size: 20 students per session, an additional $10 will be charged for any child over 20.


All activities support California Preschool Learning Foundations as well as Common Core State Standards. We support STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) throughout our environment. 


*Themed options: Add on a special programing for $50 and $5 for each additional students over 20. Pick from the following list!


Junior Artist-  What do abstract art, oil pastels and watercolors have in common? This field trip encourages students to express themselves by experimenting with various forms of abstract art and oil pastel techniques. Following a story, students are introduced to three different oil pastel techniques using primary and secondary colors. They then work collaboratively in small groups to create unique abstract art posters that they can take back to school.


Junior Scientist - Introduce your students to the scientific method by experimenting with the non-Newtonian fluid oobleck! Through hands-on investigations, observations and group discussions, museum educators facilitate an interactive class that brings out children's inner scientists. They are introduced to new vocabulary; work together to mix and explore their own oobleck; get their hands dirty with experiments that help them understand its solid/liquid properties; and end with an Oobleck Freeze Dance Party!

Junior Innovation - This field trip introduces children to the concept of aerodynamics and the many creative ways we can use air to help us fly and float. By constructing and experimenting with parachutes and “hovercraft” tested in Playzeum’s wind tunnel, children gain a deeper understanding of flight and design principles. After interactive demonstrations for the Parachute and Hovercraft stations, museum educators help students build, test and modify their aerial innovations. Children explore and experiment with both stations, and are welcome to take their aerial innovations home!

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